Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cakes Galore :)

Three birthday cakes, an Anniversary cake and a periodic table of cupcakes. Yes, it’s very cakey around here (although I have to say I didn’t bake or help bake any of these cakes, I only took pictures of them). Here are the photos…

A hamburger cake! My sister and her friend made this for their friend who has just had a birthday (I wasn’t there; I got it off Facebook). Pretty cool, huh?

My mum and dad’s cake for their Silver Anniversary (25 years), made by my cousin who is awesome at making cakes.

A monster cake for my sister’s boyfriend’s little brother’s birthday. Heh heh.

A Monty Python cake for my sister’s birthday!! Featuring spam, a dead parrot, a shrubbery, a python, ‘hwafer’ thin biscuits, a holy grail, a giant foot made of marzipan and a killer rabbit. If you like Monty Python as much as we do you’ll get it. Also made by my cousin.

A periodic table of cupcakes!! Okay, okay, so it has a few mistakes (a couple of elements are left out because they ran out of icing or something), but it’s still pretty cool. Made by my other sister and her friend, just because they felt like it.

My mum’s cake for her 50th birthday. Also made by my cool as cousin.

So that’s some cool cakes that my family have made :)

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