Friday, April 16, 2010


This is a really cool mini-series I saw on Prime a couple of weeks ago. It was only two episodes long but I reckon it was really well done. Basically it's Alice in Wonderland but much darker and mature, and focuses more on how the Red Queen's reign has affected Wonderland and the emotional challenges Alice faces, like overcoming bad childhood memories that had affected her life (as she is twenty in this). It's got Caterina Scorsone as Alice and Andrew Lee Potts as Hatter.
It's a kind of complicated storyline to explain, so visit Wiki!
I actually was just starting to try to explain the basics of the plot myself, but I deleted it. I always waffle on for ages when explaining storylines while other people can cover it all in a few sentences, because I always include every little detail. Oh well, Wiki can do it for me! But if you ever get to watch it, do, because it's pretty cool.
I'm off to watch American Idol, because my dad is in control of the remote and he has no taste in tv programmes.


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